Informative – sometimes amusing – videos about Hemochromatosis.

Dr House Diagnoses HH!

For fans of the US TV series House – with Hugh Lawrie – take a look at the clip below, where Dr House eventually diagnoses a teenager with HH; an experience that many of us have had, hopefully not the way that Dr House decides to initiate treatment !

Genetic Hemochromatosis explained

Thanks to the Haemochromatosis Society for this video – g

How Milk Thistle and Dandelion supplements can help you Liver

Grey’s Anatomy – another major TV show raises HH Awareness!

Visions Glass Cookware – ideal for HH sufferers

The Visions range of glass cookware – saucepans and casseroles – will not contaminate your food as metal pots and pans can, watch this brief introductory video and find these products on our shop pages.

How one (US) patient was diagnosed

The most common disorder in Australia!

Irish TV’s Today programme highlights Hemochromatosis

Too much of a good thing?

Dr Robert Means explains the science and genetics around HH – this video is almost an hour long.