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USDA Iron in Food

A lengthy read (27 pages) but an extensive list of the iron content in numerous common foods by the USDA – we hope this is useful

Serum Ferritin (SF) Concentrations & Iron Status

The World Health organisation (WHO) explains about iron storage – Iron stores in the body exist primarily in the form of ferritin. The ferritin molecule is an intracellular hollow protein shell composed of 24 subunits surrounding an iron core that may contain as many as 4000-4500 iron atoms. In the body, small amounts of ferritin are secreted into the plasma. The concentration of this plasma (or serum) ferritin is positively correlated with the size of the total body iron stores in the absence of inflammation. A low serum ferritin value reflects depleted iron stores, but not necessarily the severity of the depletion as it progresses.  Click download for the full article.

Saliva and Serum Ferritin

Is there a link between Salivary Ferritin and Serum Ferritin?  This is an area that HemoGAD are actively researching, with financial support from Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation.  Click the download button for the article.

Iron Overload and Parkinson’s

There have been numerous reports linking mental health problems to Iron overload – this one is specific to Parkinsons and raises some real concerns.




HH health Implications Underestimated?

Well, well, is the NHS finally waking up to the health implications – and ongoing costs – of GH / HH? Not before time, but what are they doing to educate health professionals, particularly GP’s, about this prolific condition?

BMJ Study into Conditions Associated With HH

A major study, published in the BMJ, into the secondary conditions that are associated with HH. A long report but some great evidence supporting what many HH sufferers suspect / know !

See the full report.

Hemochromatosis – The 4 Types

Unimaginatively referred to as types 1, 2, 3 and 4, this document explains the four types, when onset of symptoms occurs and the underlying genetics.

SF in Men with Prostate Cancer

Cancer of the Prostate is the most common non-skin Cancer in American men and the fourth most common Cancer in men throughout the world …..

Iron & Alzheimer’s

Australian researchers say they have discovered a new link between Alzheimer’s disease and the levels of iron in the brain.


2018 HH Patient Survey Report

The Haemochromatosis Society (THS – published their report on the findings of their survey of 2,200 haemochromatosis sufferers on November 1st, 2018.

HH Society Calls To Action

Calls to action arising from the 2018 HH society survey report

New Treatment for Iron Overload
Iron Supplements and Salmonella
Neonatal Hemochromatosis

This is a quite shocking article about how Haemochromatosis can afflict unborn babies!

Dietary Recommendations for HH

Normally people absorb about 1 milligram of iron per day to meet body needs. Individuals with hemochromatosis can absorb from the small intestines as much as four times that amount. The body has no way of ridding itself of the extra iron…….

What To Eat and What Not To Eat
New Light On Iron Overload
Haemochromatosis Treatments
Protein Critical to Iron Overload
Introduction to HH

An introduction to HH from the UK Haemochromatosis Society (THS)


Iron in Fruit

Which fruits are good, or not so good, for HH ?

Iron Overload – The Inside Story

A substantial report by an authority on HH – happy reading !

Milk Thistle – Things You Probably Don’t Know !

Interesting report about Milk Thistle, which is reported to reduce Iron absorption and have other health benefits

Does Caffeine Inhibit Iron Absorption?